Updated January 29, 2014, 4:42 pm


Koverdo is the first game I programmed with Direct3D.

It was for a game programming contest and was programmed in one month. The game is about global warming. You have to destroy factories that pollute the air with your spaceship. Each time you destroy a factory the CO2 concentration in the air drops. If CO2 reaches maximum level you lose the game. Every 10 secs you can teleport yourself to a nearby factory and after destroying 10 factories you can right click to fire at all the factories. The factories also shoot at so you need to dodge their bullets.

Koverdo generates the terrain at startup it is not loaded from the disk. I have used the same technique in UbeWars too. Trees and factories are represented as 2D billboards and placed on the map randomly. I have become familiar with Direct3D in this project.

Libraries/APIs used : Direct3D9,FMOD

Download(Includes source code).

*Note : DirectX SDK/runtimes required to build/run the game.